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Themes: Bareback Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Cum Eating, DVD, Facial Cumshots, Felching, Oral Sex, Rimming, Threeways, Uncut Cocks
Starring: Jacob Slader, Steven Richards, Ryan Jamison, Billy Cochran, Ricky Sinz, Jake Wood, Sparky, Derik Storm, Scott Christensen, John Andrews, Fyerfli, Conrad Stevens
Studio: Spunk Video
Duration: 90 minutes



Mild-mannered mid-westerner Conrad Stevens takes a walk on the wild side as he cruises rough trade on the Streets of San Francisco. Nabbed by a marauding band of hooligans, Conrad is abducted, tied-up, blind-folded and forced to take load after load, and even lick up the spillage. The Spunk Mob breeds Conrad into the fraternity of raw sex, thug style!

Here's what Director Gary Carlton has to say about the film.

I first met Conrad Stevens on a trip to Chicago last year. During the conversation Conrad told me how when he was a kid he got beat up by the older boys, and while he didn't like the abuse, he didn't mind the attention from the bigger, muscley young-men. I asked him whether that impacted his sexuality, and he said that his deepest, darkest, fantasy was to be gang-fucked by a group of guys, and forced to submit. To be their fuck-toy, their receptacle, or just their cum-rag.
I said I would be happy to make his fantasy cum true, if I got to film it. Also, to make things interesting, I got to choose the guys, and he would be blindfolded throughout, and not able to know who was fucking him, or whose load he was taking up his ass or down his throat. I then rounded up "The Spunk Mob," that's what I call my personal posse of randy fuckers who'll dip their dicks into any cum hole I tell them to, and each of whom loved the idea of forcing this guy into cumplete submission. I've got some very well known tops such as Jacob Slader and Steven Richards, hot new stars Jake Wood, Ricky Sinz, John Andrews, and Darik Storm, along with Spunk exclusive Billy Cochran, and favorites Ryan Jamison, and Fyerfli.

After Conrad has been grabbed by the street team, they bring him into the filthy warehouse where his breeding is to take place. Waiting for them is the leader of pack Slader, who orders Conrad to open his mouth wide, as the gang holds him down. Conrad chokes on Jacob thick 8.5 inches, as it gets shoved deep down his throat. Then he gets slapped around and passed from guy to guy, as several feet of dick ravage his throat.

But gang honcho Slader knows it's the other hole that needs plugging, and he slams his huge cock into Conrad's hole without even stopping, making minced meat of the faggot's fresh anus. Slader goes in balls deep, as Conrad screams, likely wondering at this point what he has gotten himself into. However, Conrad raging hard-on belies his true feelings, and shows that while he may be in pain, it hurts so good.

Conrad is squirming around too much to Slader's liking, so he orders the gang to hold the faggot down while he impales him again. Finally subdued, and accepting his fate, Slader orders the rest of the gang away so he can be the first to plant his seed, marking Conrad like a dog marks his territory. Slader fucks him like a pile driver, and then pulls out, and makes Conrad spread his cheeks and hole wide open, while he shoots his sperm all over the spread rectum, and then plunges back in emptying the remainder of his juice inside. He then slaps Conrad and says to the gang "cum and get em boys," 'cause it's time for sloppy seconds.

Now that Conrad's hole has been lubed with Slader's spunk, next up is Steven Richards, 6'2" horse-hung star of many Titan, MSR and Hot House videos. Richards slides in and starts fucking right away, pushing Slader's sperm deeper inside Conrad. Meanwhile, Ryan Jamison, shoves his own 9-inch super thick cock down Conrad's throat and he is getting it from both ends. Conrad struggles, but gang-leader Slader jumps in to hold Conrad down and prevent his escape. Conrad yells out "oh my ass, my ass, god dammit" but he gets no sympathy from the gang, several of whom are now circling and pacing like caged animals, waiting to get their turn to dump cum into Conrad's holes.

The gang takes turns fucking Conrad, as he gets fucked by 3 huge-cocked tops right in a row. Slader jumps back in holds Conrad down while he gets rammed again and again by Richards, Ryan Jamison, and Scott Christensen. Slader makes Conrad reach back with his hand and feel the size of the massive pieces of meat being stuffed inside of him. Richards is ready to shoot, and pulls out and delivers a very nice load of cum all over the victim's hole, pumps more cum inside, and then pulls out again and shoots more spunk making Conrad's ass a truly dripping cummy mess.

Since no more lube is needed at this point, in one continuous movement, Richards pulls out, and Jamison slides his own very large dick right in the slick chute. While Jamison is slamming the sperm in the back, Slader pries open Conrad's mouth, and Christensen delivers his cumshot right in the trap. It's official, Conrad has now taken loads in both ends.

But the breeding hardly stops there, Conrad proceeds to take 2 loads in his mouth before what is truly the "climax" of the movie. The Line Fuck. Here I lined up four big dick tops who play "pass-around Conrad" as he submissively sits on each massive dick. In the middle of it, nasty newcummer Jake Wood spews half his huge load over Conrad's butt and back, and then shoves his still cumming cock back in. His buddy Sparky, who holds the distinction of having the thickest cock in the Mob, scoops up a handful of Jake's jizz and lubes up his fat dick before sticking it back into Conrad's ass to stir up the loads already up there.

After the line-up trades his hole back and forth several times, the Spunk Mob proves its truth in advertising as Conrad takes three heavy cum loads right in succession from John Andrews, Darik Storm, and Sparky. As the cum drips out of Conrad's ripped-up hole onto the fuck bench, Sparky grabs Conrad's head and pushes his face into the spilled spent sperm. Conrad licks up every drop demonstrating the true cum whore has been transformed into.

Last up in the breeding session is Fyerfli, who proved his pigginess is my last feature "Raw Sweat," as he is more than willing to bury his own face in a gaping blown-out messy hole. Conrad's man pussy is no exception, as Fyerfli felches out the gang's spunk, retrieving and swallowing all Conrad's ass can give up. Fyerfli fucks Conrad and goes back and forth between the bottom's hole and mouth, before spewing his load all-over Conrad. His final word's to the victim are "yeah...now you're part of the gang."

To be continued...

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