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Themes: Ass-to-Mouth, Bareback Sex, Black, Cum Eating, DVD, Facial Cumshots, Felching, Oral Sex, Rimming, Threeways, Uncut Cocks, Young Men
Starring: Josh Weston, Derrek Downs, Aaron Summers, Jay and his Asian bitch boy, Norman D., Jake Corwin, Devlin Michaels, Steve Parker, and the Raw Fuckers
Studio: Slut Machine
Duration: 60 minutes


Here is our first ass pounding, jizz shooting, cum drenched, heart racing, no strings attached fuck fest.

Josh Weston is a fucking machine. You could practically see sparks fly out his ass as he was pounded mercilessly by two hot as fuck studs. Not only did his cock drip gobs of pre cum while he was getting fucked, he also came twice to show his appreciation. The two tops were porn stars, who begged us not to reveal their names. We even had to put black electrical tape over their tattoos. If you ask me the tats were the least identifiable features next to their rock hard cocks.

Like true men their heat seeking missiles landed their payload exactly where it belonged, right in Josh’s sweaty hole. But it wasn’t over, while Josh was panting, the tops began to scoop the jizz fuel right out of Josh’s ass an feed it to him. That’s good eatin’.

Next up was our favorite fuck socket Derrek Downs getting plugged by the 8 ½ inch monster spark plug of Aaron Summers.

We wrapped this room in black plastic expecting it to get messy but Aaron shot his load deep in Derrek’s ass and then licked up every drop that lingered on his rim.

Norman D is a hot young German slut bottom on vacation in the states. We caught up with him online as he was looking for anonymous sex in a public bathroom. We were happy to give his revving engine a tune up. So we borrowed our friend’s sex room and had our local dick-driver Jake Corwin pound his little ass. Norman D’s hole was so insatiable Jake not only stuck his cock in but half his hand.

To top it off Jake fired his jizz cannon and drenched Norman D’s pink pleasure hole inside and out. He then kept on fucking until we told him we had enough footage. You could tell both were ready for more and we intend to get them on the set again real soon.

Probably the hottest scene in the video was the one we shot with Jay and his Asian bitch boy. Jay was a bit of a thug and threatened to kick our ass when we got too close with the cameras. So we hung back and just watched as he just pounded the fuck out of him with his big black cock.

The threat of violence always makes my cock hard. I think it added to the energy of the shoot too.

Derrek called me up and said he had a couple of Daddies that he wanted to have fuck him on film. I got rock hard when I found out they were Steve Parker and Devlin Micheals. Apparently Derrek gets fucked on a nightly basis for hours on end and really likes variety so you'll see a lot more of him and his stable of fuck buddies.

These raging stallions know what they’re doing and fucked Derrek until he was screaming. To top it off we have two of the best cum shots fired directly into Derrek's hungry hole.

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