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Themes: Ass-to-Mouth, Bareback Sex, Cum Eating, DVD, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Threeways, Uncut Cocks
Starring: Timm Zane, Conrad Stevens, Orion Cross, Luke Cross, Chase Peters, Lance Hancock, Trevor Belfast, Take Williams
Studio: Bareback Real Time
Duration: 90 minutes


Bareback RT takes the theme of putting a crew of cock-hungry studs into a hotel room and brings it to a whole new level. Opening with a tender couple inside a room at Camp Palm Springs, we find Timm Zane and Conrad Stevens cuddled together on a bed. That's the last bit of warm-and-fuzzy love we see as the room is soon full of an amazingly hunky set, which include Chase Peters, Lance Hancock, Trevor Belfast, Luke Cross, Orion Cross, Take Williams, and others on a fantasy journey of ass-pounding bareback hard fucking.

Luke Cross shows off his skills at being a championship ass-eater, and Orion Cross gets that tongue in there for a felching trip you won't soon forget. Orion has a voracious taste for cum that knows no bounds. Chase Peters gives up his ass, offering that juicy set of buns again and again, taking loads like a drain. Trevor has a duo scene that is a great break from the tangle of arms and legs from earlier, giving an up-close and personal oral trip than ends in a good pounding, and a hefty cum push inside his tatted partner's pucker.

Everyone has a specialty talent and they're all on display in Bareback RT. Check this one out for the uninhibited combination of ass-to-cock, then to mouth, then to mouth to more cock. It should come with a playbook and a scorecard, but hey, isn't that what the rewind button is for?

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