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Themes: Bareback Sex, Cum Eating, DVD, Felching, Oral Sex, Rimming, Threeways, Uncut Cocks
Starring: Jesse O'Toole, Brad McGuire, Steve Parker, Kevin Slater, Jacob Scott, Jake Ryan
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Duration: 120 minutes


It's the primal urge. It's the drive a man has to shoot his load deep inside another man. That's what PLANTIN' SEED is all about: "Don't pull out, man — shoot it inside me!" The drive to inseminate, the need to breed.

I've pulled together some of the hottest big-dick raw-studs I know for this one: Jesse O'Toole, Brad McGuire, Steve Parker, Kevin Slater, Jacob Scott, Jake Ryan and more. And they all outdid themselves, putting in some of the hottest, finest fucking action I've seen in a long while.

In a way this is Jesse O'Toole's movie. Our blue-ribbon prize bull is in three of the four scenes, and when he's in a scene there's no way Jesse — and his huge cock — won't own it. He'll also own any bottom in the room. On a purely genetic level Jesse is a true alpha male, and if you give him half a chance he'll shove it in deeper than you thought a cock could go and fill you to the brim with his hot juice — and then cheerfully tell you he's gonna have another go for good measure.

• 1 • "Perfect Chemistry"

In the first scene Jesse takes on Nick, a very sexy and willing submissive cum-hungry bottom. Jesse takes turns with Brad McGuire, and after they're through feeding their schlongs to Nick — fucking his ass and his mouth — it's a wonder the kid can walk or talk afterward.

Wholesome Indiana farmboy ( for real ) Tom Sawyer ( his first Treasure Island video was RIDING BILLY WILD ) joins the party and ecstatically chows down on all the man-juice he can get from Nick's leaking cum-hole. At one point he looks up at the camera, grins a big cum-splattered country-boy grin and announces, "There's a lot of good eatin' in there!" Then he dives back in, shoving his tongue halfway to heaven.

• 2 • "Boning Billy"

Billy Wild returns — you guys demanded that I bring back this All-American bottom-slut for another raw gang-banging. In this seriously scorching scene Billy's holes are used and abused by Jesse, Steve Parker, Jacob Scott and newcomer Jeffery. Though Billy moans and whimpers and cries, you just know he needs all the cock and spooge he can get.

Again Jesse wins the prize, squirting a big load deeper than any other man in the room. And once he's done the other bulls get their chance. Steve Parker fucks Billy's ass hard and pumps his hot thick jizz-load up the kid's hole.

And then Jacob Scott ( with the world's finest ass ) fucks Billy last, deep-churning the cum that's accumulated inside Billy until it's as frothy and thick as whipped cream — and then he pulls out and makes Billy lick and suck his dripping cock clean.

To finish him off, Jacob sucks Billy's load out, then crawls up and dribbles the thick ropy cum — and there's a fuckin' lot of it! — into Billy's wide-open mouth. The kid's been bred 'n' fed.

• 3 • "Jesse and Jacob"

What followed the Billy Wild gangfuck was unplanned and surprised me — and that takes some doing.

Jesse's bull-cock must have been on overdrive that day, because after everyone else had showered and left he pulled Jacob Scott back onto the bed and gave him a perfect and total deep-fuck.

And Jacob . . . well, he didn't say no. Would you?

The two were oblivious to me and my camera, completely absorbed in each other. There's an intense connection between them that's a mix of lust and more. You'll recognize it. This is Jesse at his best: he fuckin' defines phallic prowess and by the end of the scene he owns Jacob's ass.

• 4 • "Sunday Afternoon"

If you live for sex ( like the men in my vids do ), you're going to come to moments of decision. You're going to cross some lines.

Jonas ( the bottom for this scene ) came to visit me in my office and told me that he'd been raw-fucked by men a few times but he "hadn't taken any loads".

"I wanna do it, Paul, and I want you to tape my first time."

So I set up his first seed-taking. I pulled together three hot but easy-going tops — superhung Kevin Slater and horsecock Jake Ryan plus one of my all-time favorite guys, Jeremy ( the world-class felcher from KNOCKED UP and many of my other videos ).

Jonas was definitely nervous and excited by the prospect of his initiation — you can see it in how he moves and deals with the other guys — but he was definitely ready to feel the fresh hot jizz of three total strangers shooting deep inside him.

All three men take turns fucking his seed-virgin ass. But it's Jeremy who takes his cherry and shoots inside him first. He pumps his load deep and says to Jonas: "Your ass is creamy now!"

After all the topmen shot their loads, it was time for them to leave and Jonas thought he was done for the day. But I had a special surprise planned for him. I wasn't even sure he'd go through with it since I hadn't discussed it with him beforehand.

Joey Sommers had spent a couple of evenings at Folsom Gulch ( a fine gloryhole / bookstore here in San Francisco ) collecting loads from any and every cock he could get through a gloryhole. And now Joey brought out a container full of the spooge he'd collected. I brought out a funnel and our brand new cum-slut Jonas lay back, lifted his legs and let us make it absolutely clear to him and the world his hole belongs to any man who wants it.

At two full hours in length, this is without doubt one of the best I've produced. I took a chance and showed it to a good buddy who is in his late 60's and may well be the most jaded man I know. I called him the next day and asked what he thought. "I was hard from the beginning and I came three times. Haven't even finished the damn thing. Don't fuckin' do that to me, man! I'm too old."

So get your pot and your poppers out, put in PLANTIN' SEED and kick back. You're gonna enjoy this one — it's fuckin' great.

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