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Suggested Retail Price: $59.95 USA
Themes: Anal Sex, DVD, European, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Threeways, Uncut Cocks, Water Sports, Young Men
Starring: Ren Adams, and 9 hot models
Studio: EB-Video
Duration: 100 minutes


This release of EB-Video is surely one of the hottest and steamiest spots in waterspots-porn. Nine guys from Europe plus U.S. Ren Adams are experiencing a piss-reunion of it�s kind.

Ren, travelling Germany via the "Autobahn" meets a hungarian helping hand while having a car breakdown. Not only does he find his relief in pissing his guts out, the boy also knows how to fix a car with a surprising tool! Since this parking place seems to be a meeting point for guys in need, they both show up later at night to pissparty in the public toilet-hut. Fucking and pissing makes their night. Piss-Star Alex joins them... Next sight seeing point is the sex- and videoshop "Heaven" in Frankfurt where Ren Adams meets more young men who need a good fucking and pissing. Every corner of this joint seems to be filled with the air of hot studs willing to give and take. On a pinball-machine, in the toilet- room, even in the video-cinema young good looking men fucking, giving head and more... piss-cum!

As this wasn�t enough, almost all of the guys show of a solo-program which shows them in close-ups for intimate studies of their hot, sweaty bodies - giving lots of piss and cream... Hot action with cute guys and real men on the best quality, heavy duty tapes available will satisfy your most demanding wishes over and over again. HIFI-stereo music plus original dialogue-sound. 100 exquisite minutes... Enjoy!

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