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Themes: Bareback Sex, Cum Eating, Double Penetration, DVD, Facial Cumshots, Felching, Oral Sex, Rimming, Threeways, Uncut Cocks, Water Sports, Young Men
Starring: Kevin Slater, Stephan, Bo Knight, Jacob Scott, Dawson, Jesse, Steve, Kevin, Atom, Fyerfli, Jerek, Chuck DiRocco, Nick Piston, Mke Nichols, Jake, Jerry, Terry, Spike, Carl, Jason Summers, Johnny Farrell, Ethan Sexxtin
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Duration: 185 minutes


PLANTIN' SEED 2 is a truly underground video with scene after scene of the hottest fuckin' men on fire with total lust and abandon !

In PLANTIN' SEED 2 these men fuck like there's no tomorrow with a truly deep-seeding drive for sexual connection.

Scene ONE - Kevin Slater fucks Stephan

Kevin Slater is one of San Francisco's premier studs, packin' a big ol' 9-1/2 inch manrammer (I swear to God it swells to well over 10 when he's really on it). He's wanted to shoot his seed into the guts of Euro-boy Stephan ever since we showed Kevin pics of the cute 'n' innocent bottom-boy. And these two connect butt good!
Bucking like a rabid mule, Slater shoves his big curved cock harder and deeper into innocent little Stephan's ass, ramming it deeper and deeper until you see him hit THAT SPOT (yeah, you know the spot). Stephan's eyes just suddenly glaze and he's on that different planet that a primal fuck puts you on. And Kevin just rides him hard, rammin' and slammin' until he gets the job done!
Then Kevin unroots his long rod from Stephan's reamed-out hole and Stephan catches the residue spooge on a cookie, jacks off onto the cookie himself and then daintily chomps the spooge-chip cookie right down. Munch-Munch-Munch. The succulent tangy taste of a well-fucked cumhole.

Scene TWO - Bo Knight and Jacob Scott fuck Dawson

This is followed by a three-way man-ramming featuring two mega-studs, Bo Knight (yeah, that Bo Knight the dude with the most fuckin' beautiful body in the world) and Jacob Scott (in his last video appearance prior to retirement you'll want to check the true fuck-meister out here) lording it over the now-legendary super-submissive cum-hound DAWSON. The chemistry is incredible, with Dawson goin' fucking nuts as the two topmen slip and slide their dicks into his cum-hole, trading off, giving Dawson a world-class two-man AssFuckin'.
Bo and Jacob take turns using Dawson's mouth and ass as fuckholes, and finally decide that it's time Dawson gave it up completely. The two then both shove their big dicks up Dawson's fine butthole at the same time, for a double-penetration that sends Dawson into some new level of fuck-heaven.
After Bo and Jacob come (yep, deep inside poor Dawson's butt) they make Dawson push the spooge out into a glass so they can watch him drink down their CumSlurp! And Dawson happily obliges, lapping up the fresh ass-warmed spooge.

Scene THREE - Jesse, Steve, Kevin, Atom and Fyerfli fuck Jerek

Next up is one of the hottest fuckin' gangbangs I've ever shot. Bottom Slut JEREK is well-known from mainstream porn (though after this scene, he's gonna be infamous for this and not much else!). The beautiful blond slut-twink gives it up to a roomful of jizz-drippin' studs.
This boy's a serious kozmik kock-whore and just plain lives for the Meat. Jerek wants it in him and he wants it real bad.
These muscle-studs-in-rut take Jerek on and use him like a fuckin' horny-hole ragdoll. They ram their meat up his asshole, they shove two in at once for some fuckin' intense double-penetration (which Jerek loves), they work him and tear him apart and the kid just keeps comin' back for more.
A TON of cock-meat gets shoved up Jerek's ass, and about a gallon of dick-snot is spurted up his worked fuckhole. This is definitely one of our most memorable gangbangs EVER.

Scene FOUR - Chuck DiRocco fucks Nick Piston

The riled-up gangbang that uses and abuses Jerek is followed by a two-way between Badboy Nick Piston and certified Wildman Chuck DiRocco. There's not much to say about this scene except that it's a collision of two sexual forces of nature.
I don't think there's a sexier man alive these days than Nick Piston he combines an awesome masculinity and tattoo'd muscular strength with a seductive submissiveness. The guy's the kind of man who scares you with his raw intensity, but then stuns you by turnin' around, bending over, and begging you to shove yer cock up his fuckchute and do him good, deep and juicy.
That's just exactly what the Wildman does. Chuck fucks Nick, this rough-house submissive bottom, six ways to Sunday and then some. You'll wonder whether Nick's gonna be able to walk once the heavily muscled Chuck is done with him. Rough fuckin', rough talkin', heavy-duty mansex.
And in the very end, there's a touch of real tenderness that will surprise you.

Scene FIVE - Mike Nichols and Chuck DiRocco fuck Dawson

While we had Chuck DiRocco around, we decided to throw him into the mix with two sexual giants Legendary MegaDick Mike Nichols and Ur-Bottom Dawson.
Adding Chuck made for a wild and sperm-slingin' event. There's lotsa muscle, lotsa gruntin' and groanin', lotsa big ol' fat cocks spurting sperm, and one very satisfied cum-lovin' Dawson his fuck-pucker all stretched out and oozin'.

Scene SIX - Jake, Jerry, Terry, Spike and Carl fuck Dawson

Now when Dawson found out that another of our guys, Jerek, had had his own gangbang you can imagine what a howl went up. "I want a gangbang, too!" Well, I haven't met the man yet who can say "no" to Dawson (and if you've met Dawson, you know exactly what I mean the guy's fuckin' irresistible!).
So we set up a mindblowin' gangbang for the guy, just to keep that hole of Dawson's purrin' and full of the hot white juice he craves morning and night. We lined up Jake Ryan, Jerry Stearns, Terry Paul, Spike Morrison and Carl Barnes put them all in a room with Dawson, and let nature take its course.
The men lined up and took turns enjoying that legendary pucker of Dawson's, reveling in how silky and inviting the thing is it actually sucks your cock in deeper. And Dawson knows just how to work those secret muscles to work a load out of a cock. He's a true cum-glutton, that one.
Man after man shoots his load, thrilling Dawson and sending him into that strange and complete blissed-out state total bottoms know so well. And after it's all over, he can't resist he brings out a glass again and squeezes as much of the fresh man-cream as he can into it and for the second time in this video lustily gobbles every drop down, licking the glass clean.

Scene SEVEN - Jason Summers fucks Johnny Farrell

And we finish off this great fuck-vid with a one-on-one highlighting two total newcomers, handsome Stud-Man Jason Summers and Sexy Bottom Johnny Farrell.
Now, if you know me at all, you know that I'm obsessed with manholes. And Johnny Farrell without doubt has one of the finest, most inviting holes I've ever seen. He was blessed by nature with a perfect fuckhole and he's learned how to use that foxy hungry thang. These two connect and go on a fuck-ride that sets a new standard for chemistry and heat.
After rough-fucking Johnny, Jason can't hold off any longer and dumps a big load, holding the head of his big cock just inside Johnny's hole. Then Johnny pushes the thick white load out into Jason's hand and Jason feeds it, every drop, to Johnny. Slurp, Slurp, Slurp. Johnny's one hungry slut.

Dawson takes on Ethan Sexxtin
In addition to plenty of DVD-only bonus footage including footage of Dawson in his camp-trip " fuck-tent " there's ALSO a SECOND BONUS DVD !

DVD EXTRAS: Internal Cum-Shot Compilation, External Cum-Shot Compilation, Slide Show and "Dawson's Tent" with Ethan Sexxtin.

T.I.M. Men at Dore & Folsom '04
Just for this Version my PLANTIN' SEED 2 DIRECTOR'S CUT ONLY I'm including a FREE Second DVD containing sexy Documentaries of the horndog-crazed Treasure Island Men celebrating the scenes around Dore '04 and Folsom '04.

You'll see Damon Dogg, Jesse O'Toole, Dawson, Titpig, EthanSexxtin (Mr. 10-1/2 Incher), our Human Urinal and many, many more in their respective glory.

All this added in at no extra cost to THANK you guys, our friends, supporters and customers for being so fuckin' great.

So PLANTIN' SEED 2 is one fuckin' hot video, with just about everything you could possibly hope to see. Internal cumshots, external cumshots, raw-bone one-on-ones, three-ways with mega-hung studs fucking the brains out of willing slut-bottoms, gangbangs, double-penetrations, ass-to-mouth, and More, More, More.

I can wholeheartedly give this Classic 2 DVD Set my Absolute Seal of Approval. This one is, without a doubt, not only a winner it's gonna raise a whole lotta eyebrows.

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